Resilient Civic Design Collective

RCDC is a collective driven by social, economic and environmental impact values. RCDC provide a wide-range of built environment design, planning and implementation services, as well as programme development services to create resilient civic developments hubs.

RCDC is anchored by research based design and inclusivity. RCDC’s core team facilitates innovative developments via a co-creative process with the very people who will use the developments. The priority of RCDC is capacity-building. Every part of what RCDC do is underpinned by upliftment - promoting agency and advancing the skills of the community throughout the life of the civic development.

Complementing community inclusion, RCDC’s core team recruits highly skilled and experienced service providers - who subscribe to the collective’s values - on a project by project basis. In this way we build long-term working relationships with proven partners.

Current Projects

A current focus is the development of Lukhanyo Hub in Site C, Khayelitsha, a concept developed by RCDC

RCDC has developed the Lukhanyo Hub concept and designed and implemented Phase 1 with WCED.

Lukhanyo Hub in Site C, Khayelitsha is a new ‘catalytic’ model developed by RCDC to deliver affordable housing, high quality education, training, recreation programmes and health services alongside employment opportunities delivered through innovative buildings, energy systems and outdoor spaces in economically under-resourced areas.

The system is supported through public-private partnership creating an economically sustainable system through public-private partnerships. The overall system is being developed to be replicable in multiple contexts whilst being responsive and respectful of its context and adaptive to changing conditions over time.

Core Elements of Lukhanyo Hub Project

Lukhanyo Hub Project Partners

Jack Carter

Our Services

  • Planning

  • Urban design

  • Architecture

  • Landscape Architecture

  • Engineering

  • Interior Design

  • Project Management

  • Programmes Development Manager

  • Economic Model Development

  • Public Participation Process

  • Community Liason and Conflict Negotiation

  • Urban Agriculture Development

  • Safety, Security Planning and Design