We are a social enterprise consisting of a diverse alliance of organisations dedicated to creating sustainable, resilient urban development.

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Where we Operate

We work on sites across the globe, with a particular focus on under-resourced areas with long-standing systemic problems.

We have offices in Cape Town, South Africa and Zurich, Switzerland. Organisations in our collective hail from places such as Utrecht, The Netherlands and London, UK.


What We Do

Our interdisciplinary collective of world-class practitioners offer a wide variety of integrated services ranging from sustainable architecture to community uplift programmes to green infrastructure. 

We can handle all stages of development, coordinated by our specialised project management system.


How we Work

Every member of our collective is committed to a better way of planning, designing and delivering urban development. 

Community engagement is at the heart of our method. We find win/wins and grow collaboration between diverse stakeholders, while weaving sustainability and resilience capacity throughout our work.


Why Work with Us

Our time tested methods have been proven in the field to be far more effective than standard approaches at delivering socially, economically and environmentally thriving places.

Whether you are in the community, private, public, or charitable or impact investment sector, we can help you exceed your goals.

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Begin a dialogue with us and find out how working with RCDC can help you to break through deadlock and excel beyond expectations.