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RCDC’s projects focus on providing many small but important opportunities to unlock people’s creative potential to shape the places they live and build new sustainable futures for their families and their descendants.

The Situation

Urban development should provide a better future for your people. Communities living in precarious places are justifiably angered by the fact that they remain deadlocked in poverty while development all too often occurs within their vicinity without benefits to them.

Urban development’s impact is profound for local communities. Yet so often people are excluded from participating in processes that shape the places they and their children live in a meaningful way.

Particularly in the affordable housing market, government is under immense pressure to deliver as many results as possible, on as wide a scale as possible. This often leads to low-quality environments and reinforced inequalities, in which development is imposed upon communities rather than conceived for their benefit. 

We believe there is another path.

Communities have energy and potential.

We generate environments that provide opportunities for people to start businesses, have hubs for them to find each other and work together and create the capacity for them to meet their needs.

All of this adds up to a mutually supportive economic system that keeps profits circulating within communities. 

Bring RCDC to the table and we will ensure that your community not only gets its fair share out of urban development, but is valued as an essential driver of the process.

Our Services

For Community Groups

  • Community Engagement
  • Service Delivery
  • Communication Support

We put community engagement and participatory design at the heart of everything we do.

We take time to build authentic relationships with you and your community, putting them in the driving seat in reality, not just in appearance.

By facilitating interactions between neighbourhood residents and local leadership, between private sector developers and government, we ensure that community engagement is genuine, not just a rubber-stamping exercise.

We can run community engagement as part of our integrated service delivery for projects we manage, or come in under a supporting role for pre-existing and ongoing projects, acting as intermediaries and long term advisors, and can assist in negotiations.

Our diverse collection of built environment professionals has delivered many projects in challenging urban environments.

Our work has ranged from housing to sports fields to environmental infrastructure and much more - we have achieved our client's goals on target and under budget time and again.

We focus on not only the obvious elements of the built environment such as construction, economic growth and providing facilities, but also in programmatic areas such as sports and recreation as well as helping you to preserve and enrich cultural traditions, through events, physical structures and more.

Using our alternative methodology we  create many opportunities in the urban fabric that can be developed and adapted by communities support local entrepreneurial creativity to help people meet their needs and unleash their potential.

If you would like to bring us on board to deliver a specific project, using our methodology that always puts community first, get in touch and we can begin a dialogue.

Working with RCDC means you will be able to benefit from our graphic visualisations,​ narrative creation  and communications networks.

Built environment projects are tangible and relatable to communities, who innately understand their importance. As such, if a community can authentically be in the heart of leading such a project, they represent one of the best ways to rally enthusiasm, awareness, energy and momentum. This can helping to bring more of the community on board and ensure that they become part of the process of development rather than having it imposed on them.

Our collective's skillset revolves around graphically creating compelling narratives for these projects. As such over time we can help to provide communication around not only the projects themselves, but the communities’ contributions, leaderships and control over the projects themselves.

This provides benefits the the community themselves, who can start to demonstrably see their agency taking effect to transform the environment they and their families live in. It also benefits  community groups and leaders, who are able to tangibly demonstrate the positive impacts they are delivering to their people.

Get in touch

Begin a dialogue and find out more about how working with RCDC can help community groups to be recognised as enabling the people they represent to reap the rewards of development.