Community Engagement

Participatory Design | Facilitating Urban Leaders


Urban Agriculture and Food Security | Engineering | Renewable Energy | Water | Drainage

Economic Model Development

Long-term Management | Economic Growth | Feasibility | Partnerships

Project Management

Land Development | Programme Curation | Coordination and Communications

Research + Reporting

Research projects | Integrating theory and practise | Impact measurement and reporting | GIS

Design Work

Urban Design | Sustainable Design | Architecture | Landscape Architecture

Bring to bear a unique team with decades of experience successfully navigating the complex realm of urban development.

Our interdisciplinary collective, aligned in values and methodology, can plan, design and deliver sustainable urban developments from beginning to end.

We work together seamlessly and with passion to meet your specific needs.

We offer a full range of services drawn from our collective’s interdisciplinary pool of expertise. We can help you successfully deliver built environment projects, from new developments to urban regeneration to research-by-design, and much more.

Services can be conducted individually or as a comprehensive package, coordinated via our experienced project management team.

Work with us and...

Dramatically reduce risk

Our method of partnering with communities ensures democratic development that benefits everyone, turning potential barriers to development into mutually beneficial opportunities. By drawing on the local wisdom of people, we provide comprehensive market intelligence of the social and economic realities of the territory you are operating in.

Execute breakthrough strategies

Find previously undiscovered ways of meeting and exceeding your objectives via our interdisciplinary methodology that helps development processes to create many opportunities from the ground up. Our strategies ensure that you can leverage the complexity of the urban environment, rather than being overwhelmed by it. ​

Integrate sustainability and resilience capacity

Sustainability and resilience are at the heart of our work. Our interdisciplinary team ensures that development is future proof through a combination of techniques and technologies that combine disciplines to build capacity. Our philosophy is: ‘light touch, big difference’. ​

Be recognised as a key changemaker

Working with RCDC means that your work will genuinely positively impact urban systems and contribute towards the transition towards a sustainable global society. Supported by our graphic renderings, visual storytelling and communications platforms, we can help ensure that your groundbreaking work is comprehended and appreciated, and can serve as a model for future change makers.​

Executive Team


Byron Hanslo

Managing Director

Byron is a passionate Project Manager and believes that all projects can be delivered to a realistic time and budget through careful planning and good project governance.

Byron holds a Master of Science (MSc) Degree in Project Management (Construction), a Bachelors Degree in Construction Management and a Diploma in Building (Quantity Surveying & Construction Management). 

He has public and private sector experience and has worked in South Africa and the United Kingdom. His areas of expertise relate to infrastructure project management, quantity surveying and fund administration. 

Ben Mansfield

Ben Mansfield


Ben has worked in South Africa, Europe and Asia. His areas of expertise relate to urban design, landscape architecture and environmental management.

Ben holds a Masters in Landscape Architecture and a BSc (Hons). 

Ben is one of the founders of the Resilient Civic Design Collective (RCDC). Ben developed the concept for and is implementing Lukhanyo Hub, a new ‘catalytic’ model for delivering high quality education, training, and recreation programs delivered through innovative buildings, energy systems, and outdoor spaces in economically underprivileged areas.

Lindsay Howe

Dr. Lindsay Howe

Head of Research

Dr. Lindsay Blair Howe is a Lecturer and Research Associate at the ETH Zurich. She conducts urban research in a comparative context, emphasizing the interstice between spatial practices and policies.

Her transdisciplinary empirical work, primarily focused on Southern Africa, relies on a wide range of qualitative and mixed-methods approaches to pursue questions of inequality, mobility, and sustainable urban development. Her background is in architecture and urban design, and she has professional experience working in Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America.

The Collective

Our collective comprises proven organisations, led by thinkers who have been perfecting an alternative model of sustainable development and community engagement for decades.

We select and coordinate project teams from this pool to deliver bespoke and lean development solutions for our clients.
This allows us to ensure a comprehensive, unified development process that meets the highest professional design standards.

How we were formed...