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Combining catalytic development projects with long term management systems, RCDC offers a unique opportunity for forward thinking government policy to be actualised into resilient, sustainable and integrated human settlements.

The Situation

When things go wrong, the government is usually the first to be blamed. But we know that government resources are limited, and the scale and complexity of the challenges facing us are too great for top-down interventions by government to solve on their own.

In areas with serious problems, there is immense pressure on the government to accept any form of investment it can get. As a result, urban development expands rapidly. Yet time and again we see that these standard methods of development and master planning are no longer working well enough to fix broken urban environments and meet the needs of people. 

Instead of unlocking the potential in local communities to transform the urban fabric itself, most development projects fixate on providing done and dusted ‘turnkey’ developments conceived primarily as products, that are frequently unsustainable and out-of-scale with the human experience of the city. This often leads to the creation of disconnected enclaves that promote inequality.

Even when excellent policies and frameworks for development have been put in place, often a vast disconnect between such policy and actual implementation remains. Institutional restraints often exacerbate this, creating difficulties in working transversally between departments and other partners. 

This makes it hard for government departments to deliver on their KPIs, and even harder for them to fix underlying systemic problems in the urban environment.

That’s where we come in.

RCDC bridges the gap between policy and implementation.

We have found that there is one method that succeeds where others fail, when public, private and community sectors each bring their unique talents to the table, and work together: Where government uses their unique top-down strategic overview of government to allocate resources and investment to enable the vast and largely untapped wellspring of creative energy of people.

We have found that this is essential to create effective and just development patterns that can deliver on critical KPIs and strategic goals.

Our projects and services represent opportunities for precisely this form of development. Throughout our work, we ensure that development seeds the existing urban fabric with catalysts and opportunities. We focus not on just the built environment, but all aspects of social development, ensuring that is inclusive and beneficial to the poor, vulnerable and those with special needs. 

Throughout our work, the expertise of our collective ensures that the conditions for development to be environmentally sustainable and resilient are vigilantly integrated. Our methods safeguard not only the natural environment for future generations but also provide the inhabitants of vulnerable places with the capacity they need to withstand the economic and environmental challenges of the future.

Our Services

For Government Departments

  • Community Engagement
  • Service Delivery
  • Communication Support

Authentic Community Engagement unlocks a treasure trove of creativity.

But we know it is intrinsically difficult. It can often seem like an endless process of hurdle jumping, with little to show for it. Our experience shows that it doesn't have to be like this.

RCDC bring to bear a highly experienced team to help handle the delicate and subtle aspects of Community Engagement. Our process accords with existing government parameters but goes far beyond a box ticking exercise. By working with RCDC, together we can all ensure that it is a visionary and constructive process.

We aim to improve relationships between stakeholders, helping to align priorities and chart a course towards shared win/win/win opportunities between communities, developers, and government.

We can provide support to ongoing projects or curate development projects from beginning to end, and into the future.

RCDC make Public Sector procurement simpler and easier.

We provide a full range of services for the delivery of resilient, sustainable, and integrated human settlements. We can take the organisational pressure off government to manage projects and can lend support to existing projects, avoiding the pitfalls implementation so often falls into.
Procurement for service delivery can be one of the most daunting and time-consuming parts of a government department’s responsibilities.
While the public expects services to be delivered, the government must also deal with internal stakeholders with competing demands.  This requires time and attention and dealing with the regulatory processes is a challenge itself.
We bring to bear a group of integrated service providers that simplify this process by creating strategic bids that precisely deliver on your contracts’ goals.
We deliver not only on time and under budget, but furthermore deliver long term environmental and resilience goals, helping government to create places capable of meeting the challenges of the future.
Our collective approach means we can easily scale up to provide the capacity needed to address large-scale or multiple projects, while also being able to select a small, curated team to address small scale interventions precisely and cost effectively.

All too often government's successes are not witnessed or appreciated by their constituencies. 

Physical construction of the urban environment is an innately tangible and relatable process for communities.
When it is genuinely inclusive, it represents a phenomenal opportunity for communities and government to authentically cooperate, and build a collaborative relationship together.
We recognise the crucial importance of this. As a result, graphic and narrative and communication is woven throughout our work, documenting the contribution of communities, highlighting their concerns, and charting the growth and progress of projects.
Finally, this work adds up to a total story, so that people can understand how government's successes were achieved hand in hand with them.
We can also offer impact reports and articles, backed up by our academic partners, showing how systemic issues have been addressed via our neighbourhood resilient model’s application in partnership with government.

In this way the hard work and far sightedness of enabling governmental leaders can be successes can be witnessed and valued by their constituencies, building trust and laying the groundwork for future productive engagements.

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