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Impact Investors

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RCDC offers impact investment funds the opportunity to invest in a trustworthy and accountable source, based in on-the-ground projects with a visible impact, supported by metrics from our academic partners.

The Situation

In international development, all too often positive outcomes from large investments are surprisingly small. One of the key reasons for this is a disconnect between top-down interventions and the bottom-up activity in a local context.
RCDC projects are different.

We ensure that development investment is used by the right hands, and measurably benefits people.

Our speciality is gradually building authentic and collaborative relationships with communities: We take our time to understand this crucial local context, including power relations, regulatory frameworks, environmental factors, and much more.

Through a combination of this methodology and the expertise of our collective members, our projects are articulated to deliver a disproportionately large positive systemic effect.
Our collective’s academic specialists conduct ongoing parallel analysis and research with our university partners, continuously informing our work. This data provides sophisticated metrics based on the UN Sustainable Development Goals that helps to both analyse and improve, as well as demonstrate the efficacy of our projects.

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Contact us to enquire regarding how we work with Development Funds, and how our projects can create exponential value for both investors and people affected by urban development.