Sustainability Goals

The UN Sustainable Development Goals are aligned with the approach we take, the values we hold, and the change we are seeking to bring about. Our projects contribute to their realisation.

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Our Mission

In a time of mass urbanisation, entrenched inequality and growing unsustainability, the methods we use to plan, design and deliver our urban environment are not up to the challenge.


Our goal is to end the predominance of inflexible masterplans that fixate on end-states, that do not develop the urban fabric as a whole, and do little to address the real issues facing the majority of urban inhabitants.

To combat this we bring together:

  • the local knowledge, wisdom and entrepreneurial spirit of urban inhabitants, 
  • the crucial expertise of urban development professionals who appreciate the complexity of the urban realm, 
  • and the strategic overview and resources of government,

to transform the way we create our urban world.

Our Methodology


Interdisciplinary Collective, Shared Purpose

Ranging from project managers to environmental specialists, we are bonde both by our shared values and by long experience of working closely together.


Community at the heart of development

Every part of what RCDC does is about giving agency to local communities, providing them with the tools and capacities they need to build the urban environment they deserve to inhabit.

Massive Small

Massive Small Methods

Valuing the collective power of a massive amount of tiny ideas, interactions, interventions, all add up to a transformative whole.

Radical Incrementalism

Radical Incrementalism

We start swiftly and take many small steps; iteratively developing a place in continuous response to the social, economic and environmental realities and opportunities on the ground.


Creating Synergy and Concord

We work with all the urban stakeholders, the private sector, government, community and NGOs to help to create thousands of opportunities for local communities to participate in the formation of place.


Resilience and Sustainability

Sustainability is the ability for a society to survive into the future – in order to achieve this is cannot systematically degrade the environment that it depends on. Therefore integrating sustainable infrastructure is fundamental to everything we do.

RCDC are one of a small number of urban professionals who embody an approach to urban development that really appreciates and leverages the complexity of the urban environment. 

They combine long form community engagement with a diversity of skillsets, providing opportunities for the innate creativity of local residents to be unleashed.

Kelvin Campbell

Chair, Massive Small