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The Situation

Your land represents unlocked potential. You have the will to make it grow, but even in the best of situations, development is an innately complex and risky process. 
Particularly when you have a vital core mission not related to your land asset, a major concern can be that taking advantage of the asset may distract and bring about unexpected risks. 
Even experienced developers can hesitate when operating in environments where there may be pre-existing hostile or fractious relationships between stakeholders.
That’s where we come in.

We can handle the entire process of urban development, taking you every step of the way to success.

We can handle the entire process of urban development, taking you every step of the way to success.
Our interdisciplinary collective of world-class practitioners has decades of experience working in the complex realm of urban development.

We can grow your land asset into a valuable wealth generator.
We ensure potential risks and unexpected outcomes are minimised, even when developing in unstable or difficult environments. Bringing us on side means you don’t have to spend time and energy focusing on the intricacies and concerns that can beset urban development, and can focus on your core mission. 

We collaborate with local inhabitants to lay the foundations for thriving, flourishing and profitable communities. We know how to engage and ensure that local communities not only become allies, but become the core drivers of the project, unlocking value via the process of development for both themselves and the site itself.
Our best-practice development operates according to the principles of PPP: people, planet, and profit. Building resilience and sustainability into your land asset not only mitigates risk, it results in more long-term profit, unlocking the full potential of your asset. Work with RCDC and your project can be part of the movement towards global sustainability.

Our Services

For Private Developers

  • Community Engagement
  • Service Delivery
  • Communication Support

Community can be your best ally or biggest obstacle.

Communities can be your best ally or biggest obstacle.
Our experience in working in complex areas has shown us repeatedly that a community can be a huge asset for development.
When a community knows that the development team is there for the long haul, and that their local perspective, wisdom, ability to provide relevant answers to the challenges that face them are being heard and acted upon, they move from being a potential barrier to development, to being core drivers, adding innumerable layers of value.

This is what we love doing and what we’re best at. We know how not only to avoid unpredictable and conflicted outcomes, but how to leverage this complexity through the innate creativity of the urban inhabitants to create an emergent thriving neighbourhood.
We can support your development by bringing in our specialised community engagement team, or if you are commissioning our urban development services, we can provide this as an integral part of the process.

Our collective can develop your land from start to finish, with continuity and purpose.

We provide architecture, landscape architecture, environmental systems design, urban planning and design, infrastructure and engineering services.
In addition, we can integrate specific capacities into your land that can directly increase your ability to achieve your mission.
For example, if you are a hospital in an area at risk of water shortages, we can provide rainwater catchment and water resilience systems to ensure your patients are never short of clean drinking water.
Or if you are an organisation such as a school, we can add urban agriculture and food garden infrastructure, creating a beautiful green leafy space, teaching valuable skills and also supplying the school canteen with healthy, nutritious food in a cost effective manner.
Contact us to find out more about the various skills in our collective and how we can help you achieve your goals.

Our diverse team of urban professionals can create stunning visualisations and diagrams that compellingly show the value of your development.

This can be integrated into marketing campaigns, and can also form a vital part of your community engagement strategy - highlighting not only the efficacy of the design itself but also showing the communities' impact, helping to generate buy-in and enthusiasm, and show that you are a visionary developer.

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