RUO EMOH: Housing Development

Climate Adaptation Design + Implementation


Mitchell’s Plain, Cape Town, South Africa


People Environment Planning (PEP)




RCDC were appointed to design and implement a water resilience system for this historically significant township housing development.

The RUO EMOH development is a community-driven, medium-density housing project situated on a well-located piece of infill land on the corner of Weltevreden Parkway & Caesars Drive in Colorado Park, Mitchells Plain. RCDC brought in ISIDIMA from the Collective to help design and implement a water resilience system developed with engagement from the people living in RUO EMOH.

The water management system implemented in the RUO EMOH Housing Development is based on the principles of Isidimas’ Oasis Water Strategy. Unlike other household water demand approaches which reduce demand by imposing water restrictions, the Oasis Water Strategy provides the households with the knowledge and infrastructure to maintain water efficiency in the home without interrupting the convenience of a municipal water connection.

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